Beck Woodworking
Carpentry & Property Maintenance       (603) 723-2904   
Berlin, New Hampshire
Beck Woodworking is a family owned company located in Northern New Hampshire. We make a wide variety of kids toys, doll furniture, kids furniture, toy boxes, shelves, signs, and other wooden projects. All of our products are bench made in our home workshop. We are happy to customize any item to your specifications. 
We also sell Fudge, Barks and other candies from Elizabeth & Chloe's Snacks.
We are also starting a new line of Naturals products such as Beeswax wood finishes, handcreams and Beewax Candles

From our Bench to your Home​, We take pride in all of our products.

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If you're looking for quality wood products, you've come to the right place. At BECK Woodworking we pride ourselves on our quality craftmanship.
When you buy from a small mom or pop business, your are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home.

You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his team jersey, a mom or dad put food on the table, a family pay a mortgage, or a student pay for college.

Our customers are our shareholders and they are the ones we strive to make happy.

Thank you for supporting Small Businesses!!

                                                                                             ~ Beck Woodworking ~
"Thank you so much Brian. The doll cradle was perfect. I stenciled it and made a little pillow and mattress for it. I cannot wait to see daughters face Christmas morning., I'm sure it will be priceless. I will definitely recommend you to friends. Thanks"

" This Armoire is perfect! After searching all over the web for a armoire to store my puppy's clothes I was able to find Mr. Brian Gagnon who create this amazing armoire. its a great product for the price and I highly recommend this shop. excellent customer service. "

We pride ourselves on our quality craftmanship with our carpentry side of Beck Woodworking.
Doll Armoire
High Chair
Customizable Picket Fence 
Swing with Fold down Cup holder
Picket Fence corner Shelf
Custom Kids Stool
Old Bear Garden Stake
Entrance Shelf with Large coat pegs
Toy Boxes
Custom Business Signs
Garden       Stakes
Girls Shelves
Custom             Shelves
"Brian did an a phenomenal job! He custom made this for me and made it perfectly as requested. Magnificent workmanship and skill. The armoire is very well made down to the smallest details. Highly recommend, excellent communication, willingness to work with me, went the extra mile! A+++"

Toddler Bed
Kids Toys
"It was so delicious. I will be sure to order again. Thank you."

"Quick the delicious fudge, Thank You."

We are proud to announce that Beck Woodworking 
is now selling Home Made Fudges, 
Chocolate Barks and Peanut Brittles!!

All Fudges, Chocolate Barks and Brittles are Homemade to order by
Elizabeth and Chloe's Piggy Bank Snacks. 
Each order contains 1/2 lb of candy. 
Flavors we are offering are at this time are:

Fudge Flavors

Milk Chocolate 
Chocolate/Maple Walnut
Maple Walnut 
Strawberry Shortcake
Orange Cremesicle 
Pumpkin Spice 
Peanut Butter
Key lime

Bark Flavors

Dark Chocolate / Peppermint
Dark / White Chocolate / Peppermint
White Chocolate / Peppermint
White Chocolate / Cranberry / Pistachio 
Chocolate (with pecans and coconut)
Layered Chocolate / White Chocolate (with pecans and coconut)

Brittle Flavors 

Peanut Brittle
Pistachio Brittle
Pecan Brittle
Walnut Brittle
Sunflower Seed Brittle ​

Soon We will be adding others candies to our inventory along 
with some Toffee's 
Click pictures to order our 
candies on
Custom Shelves
We support local businesses 
Like this one.
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